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Fluid control


CVA has important agreements with world leading manufacturers of pressure and temperature instrumentation so that its professional team distributes high quality products developed in the European Union.

Nowadays we are obliged to constantly change due to the advancement of technology and innovation, which is increasingly adapting to the needs of customers and the industry in order to be more efficient

CVA is a guarantee of reliability and duration of use for our clients, who minimize the costs derived from breakdowns in machinery due to failures or errors in this type of instrument.

The range is complemented by insulation accessories for the protection of sensitive elements.

Filtration Engineering


CVA has a wide range of filters with different filtration technologies, adapted to the multiple technical requirements of the client, which allows supplying the specific product to their filtration need, since correct filtration increases productivity, with consequent cost savings. .

The CVA Engineering Department offers a variety of solutions and filter sizing adapted to each characteristic of the installation.

All products are manufactured under the strictest quality controls, and have approved certifications in the European community, categorizing and certifying them according to the PED Directive.

Process measurements


CVA is a company specialized in fluid control that offers automation solutions for the regulation of fluids, gases and sludge in different industries of oil and gas, energy, mining, chemical and food, among others.

Our technicians and specialists work closely with our customers to minimize downtime, maximize operational safety, maintain a safe environment, and prepare effective emergency response mechanisms.

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